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Waxflower - White Lady Stephanie

Waxflower - White Lady Stephanie

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Waxflower - White Lady Stephanie:

The White Lady Stephanie Waxflower offers a striking contrast between its pristine white petals and vibrant dark red centers, making it a standout addition to any floral arrangement.

Key Features:

  • The sharp contrast between the snow-white petals and the deep red centers gives this variety a distinctive, eye-catching look.
  • This combination of colors makes it versatile for both bold, vibrant designs and more subtle, elegant arrangements.
  • Despite its delicate appearance, the White Lady Stephanie is durable and maintains its beauty throughout the lifespan of the arrangement, making it a favorite among florists.

Ideal for Special Occasions: Perfect for adding a touch of drama to weddings, Valentine's Day arrangements, or any event where you want to make a statement. This variety is also well-suited for seasonal displays, particularly during the winter holidays when its colors can evoke a sense of warmth and festivity.

In addition to its visual appeal, White Lady Stephanie is excellent for creating textured contrasts in bouquets, centerpieces, and more, enhancing the overall design with its unique coloration and form.

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