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Waxflower - Tinted - Orange

Waxflower - Tinted - Orange

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Waxflower - Tinted (Orange):

Add a vibrant splash of color to your floral designs with our Orange Tinted Waxflower. This specially processed variety infuses the charming waxflower with a softorange hue, perfect for standout arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Soft orange tint enhances the natural elegance of the waxflower.
  • Maintains the waxflower's distinctive structure and texture, ensuring an authentic look.
  • Extended vase life suitable for both fresh and dried floral setups.

Perfect for Seasonal and Thematic Decorations: Ideal for injecting a pop of color, our Orange Tinted Waxflower is a fantastic choice for autumn displays, Halloween themes, or any event that demands eye-catching floral accents. It's particularly effective in seasonal centerpieces, thematic events, and colorful mixed bouquets.

Pair this tinted waxflower with other seasonal blooms or use it to contrast with neutral tones for a balanced yet impactful arrangement. Please allow 2-3 days notice for orders, as this tinted variety requires special preparation.

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