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Waxflower - Mystic Pearl

Waxflower - Mystic Pearl

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Waxflower - Mystic Pearl:

Mystic Pearl Waxflower is a distinct and captivating variety known for its multi-colored presentation. The light pink petals, reminiscent of the Catalina variety, pair exquisitely with the vibrant mix of yellow/orange and strawberry red cups. This dynamic coloration makes Mystic Pearl exceptionally versatile, ideal for adding depth and interest to floral arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Showcases light pink petals complemented by a striking mix of yellow/orange and strawberry red cups.
  • Offers a dynamic color palette that enhances versatility in floral designs.
  • Grown in limited quantities, making it a rare and special addition to any floral offering.

Ideal for Various Settings: Mystic Pearl is perfect for occasions that call for a unique and elegant touch. Whether it's enhancing wedding bouquets, special event centerpieces, or sophisticated home decor arrangements, this variety brings a touch of exclusivity and charm.

Due to its limited availability, Mystic Pearl is highly sought after when in season, making it a prized choice for florists and decorators looking for something truly unique. Its rare presence and striking appearance ensure that any design featuring Mystic Pearl Waxflower stands out with a distinct and memorable flair.

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