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Waxflower - Matilda

Waxflower - Matilda

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Waxflower - Matilda:

Matilda Waxflower stands out in the Chamelaucium genus, closely resembling its relatives Alba and Albany, yet distinct with its more cupped flowers and compact growth pattern. This variety is characterized by dense floral clusters that provide a lush, full appearance, making it an exceptional choice for intricate floral designs.

Key Features:

  • Features more cupped flowers as opposed to the open blooms of Albany, offering a unique texture in floral designs.
  • Grows more compactly, with dense clusters of flowers, maximizing visual impact per stem.
  • Shares a similar aesthetic with its cousins, making it versatile for a variety of decorative themes and arrangements.

Perfect for Elegant Occasions: Matilda Waxflower is a favorite for its robust and dense floral presentation, ideal for adding volume and texture to arrangements. Whether it’s for a wedding, quinceañera, elegant corporate event, or a romantic Valentine's Day bouquet, Matilda brings beauty and sophistication. Its dense blooms are particularly effective in bouquets and centerpieces, where a fuller, more opulent look is desired.

Grown with care and precision, our Waxflower Matilda is nurtured to maintain the highest quality and sustainability standards. Florists appreciate Matilda for its adaptability and the lush elegance it brings to every arrangement. Opt for Waxflower Matilda to enrich your floral offerings with its distinctive form and lasting charm.

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