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Waxflower - Lulu

Waxflower - Lulu

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Waxflower - Lulu:

Lulu Waxflower distinguishes itself within the Chamelaucium family with its enchanting double petals, echoing the complexity and depth of its sister variety, Dancing Queen, but with the classic white and green color scheme shared with Albany, Laura, and Matilda. This unique floral variety offers a textured, ruffled appearance that adds dimension and interest to any floral arrangement.

Key Features:

  • Features double petals that provide a full, ruffled look, enhancing the texture and volume of floral designs.
  • Maintains a classic and versatile white and green color palette, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of decor themes and arrangements.
  • Offers a delicate balance of traditional aesthetics with a unique, contemporary twist, ideal for modern floral arrangements.

Ideal for Diverse Floral Applications: Waxflower Lulu is particularly suited for occasions requiring a touch of elegance and sophistication. From weddings to corporate events, Lulu’s distinctive double petals and soothing colors make it a favorite among florists aiming to create memorable and intricate designs.

Cultivated with the utmost care, our Waxflower Lulu is grown to meet high standards of quality and sustainability. As a versatile and visually appealing option, Lulu is an excellent choice for florists looking to expand their offering with something uniquely attractive and enduring. Elevate your floral assortments with the distinctive charm of Waxflower Lulu, ensuring every bouquet stands out with its refined beauty.

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