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Waxflower - Eric John

Waxflower - Eric John

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Waxflower - Eric John:

Introducing the Eric John Waxflower, a robust and visually striking variety known for its deep, vibrantly colored cuped. This waxflower variant brings a bold presence to any floral arrangement, making it a standout choice for designers seeking to add drama and intensity to their creations.

Key Features:

  • Characterized by its rich, deep hues which can range from a profound burgundy to a dark, intense pink, providing a powerful color impact in any arrangement.
  • Known for its hardiness and long vase life, ensuring that it maintains its beauty throughout the duration of its display.

Ideal for Bold Floral Displays: Eric John Waxflower is particularly suited for occasions where a strong visual impact is desired. It excels in settings such as corporate events, dramatic wedding themes, or any arrangement that aims to make a bold statement. Its robust nature and lasting presence also make it a favorite for long-lasting floral designs.

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional and distinctive floral options, our wholesale operation ensures that the Eric John Waxflower is cultivated with meticulous care, focusing on maximizing its vibrant color and ensuring the health and longevity of each bloom. This waxflower variety is a dependable and striking choice for florists looking to elevate their floral offerings with something truly impactful.

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