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Waxflower - Catalina

Waxflower - Catalina

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Waxflower - Catalina:

Experience the subtle elegance of Catalina Waxflower, a variety prized for its delicately tinted pink petals that offer a uniform splash of soft color in each bloom. The vibrant pink of the center cups enhances the overall appeal, making it a visually harmonious choice for floral arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Boasts a soft, consistent pink hue across its petals, paired with strikingly vibrant pink center cups for a beautiful contrast.
  • Perfectly timed for significant romantic and familial occasions, with its peak season running from January through to Mother's Day.
  • Celebrated for its long blooming period, ensuring availability for Valentine's Day, spring weddings, and Mother's Day celebrations.

Ideal for Seasonal Celebrations: The Catalina Waxflower is an excellent selection for creating heartfelt and memorable arrangements for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Its lovely pink coloring and enduring presence make it a favorite among florists for adding a touch of elegance and affection to their designs.

At our wholesale floral operations, we take pride in cultivating the Catalina Waxflower, ensuring it reaches its peak by January and remains available through the busy spring season. This variety's durability and beautiful coloring make it a staple for any festive or romantic occasion.

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