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Waxflower - Blondie (Hybrid)

Waxflower - Blondie (Hybrid)

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Waxflower - Blondie (Hybrid):

Introducing the Chamelaucium Uncinatum Blondie, a standout megapetalum variety renowned for its medium to large flowers and exceptional durability. This variety is one of our most cultivated, consistently sought after for its remarkable longevity and extended shelf life.

Key Features:

  • Features creamy, almost pure white petals that exude elegance, paired with striking strawberry red center cups that capture the eye.
  • Often sold in the budding stage, the buds exhibit the same vibrant red as the centers, adding intrigue and visual appeal even before the flowers fully open.
  • Recognized for being one of the first Waxflowers to bloom each season, its lengthy blooming period ensures it remains a staple throughout the majority of the floral season.

Ideal for Early Season Floral Arrangements: Waxflower Blondie's early bloom and long-lasting presence make it particularly valuable for florists and decorators aiming to introduce unique and lasting elements into their arrangements. Its captivating contrast of white petals and red centers makes it perfect for diverse floral designs, from romantic bouquets to elegant event decor.

As a wholesale floral grower and shipper, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, resilient varieties like Waxflower Blondie. Its combination of beauty, durability, and extended seasonal availability makes it a must-have for any floral collection, ensuring satisfaction from early spring through the heart of the flowering season.

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