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Waxflower - Albany (Hybrid)

Waxflower - Albany (Hybrid)

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Waxflower - Albany (Hybrid):

Waxflower Albany is a superior hybrid variety that stands out in the Chamelaucium family for its vibrant white petals and lush green centers. This particular hybrid is favored for its enhanced durability and extended shelf life, making it an excellent choice for floral arrangements that require lasting freshness and beauty. Its peak season aligns perfectly with high-demand occasions such as Valentine's Day and wedding season, making it a popular choice for these events.

Key Features:

  • Exhibits crisp white petals complemented by green cups, adding brightness and elegance to any floral arrangement.
  • Bred for increased longevity and resilience during transport and display, ensuring that arrangements maintain their aesthetic appeal longer.
  • The peak blooming period strategically coincides with Valentine's Day and the height of wedding season, catering perfectly to these significant floral markets.

Ideal for Celebratory and Romantic Occasions: Waxflower Albany's robust nature and charming appearance make it particularly suited for creating memorable wedding bouquets, Valentine's Day gifts, and elegant event decor. Its ability to stay fresh longer is a valuable attribute for florists and event planners who need reliable, long-lasting floral elements.

As a wholesale floral grower and shipper, we are proud to offer Waxflower Albany, a hybrid cultivated under precise conditions to ensure it meets the high standards required by our clients. By including Albany in your floral offerings, you provide customers with a top-tier choice known for its beauty, resilience, and seasonal relevance.

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