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Rhamnus - Variegated

Rhamnus - Variegated

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Rhamnus Alaternus Variegated:

Unveil the vibrant charm of Variegated Rhamnus Alaternus, a captivating variety known for its striking, variegated foliage that features a beautiful mix of green and creamy white. The glossy, elliptical leaves of this variety create a lively, textured backdrop in any floral arrangement, adding a touch of brightness and contrast. Perfect for creating dynamic garlands, eye-catching wreaths, and sophisticated centerpieces, Variegated Rhamnus Alaternus is a versatile choice for florists and decorators aiming to infuse their designs with energy and visual interest.

Key Features:

  • Features glossy, elliptical leaves with vibrant green and creamy white variegation.
  • Adds a dynamic, textured element to floral arrangements.
  • Ideal for creating lively garlands, striking wreaths, and elegant centerpieces.

Variegated Rhamnus Alaternus offers a versatile and visually striking greenery option that enhances both the color palette and texture of your floral displays. Whether used for special occasions or as a staple in everyday floral decor, this variety stands out for its unique variegation and lively presence, bringing a fresh and invigorating look to any setting.

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