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Marigold - African Yellow

Marigold - African Yellow

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Marigold - African Yellow:

Illuminate your floral offerings with the bright and cheerful Marigold 'African Yellow'. This eye-catching variety showcases large, vibrant yellow blooms that radiate the joy and energy of autumn. Available in limited quantities in early October, these marigolds are perfect for creating lively seasonal decorations and festive floral arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Showcases vivid, bright yellow flowers that exemplify the vibrancy of fall.
  • Large blooms provide a bold visual impact in any arrangement.

Ideal for Seasonal Celebrations and Decor: Marigold 'African Yellow' is ideal for brightening up fall celebrations, including Halloween parties, harvest festivals, and Thanksgiving decorations. Its striking yellow hue is perfect for table centerpieces, decorative garlands, and welcoming displays at various events. The cheerful color also adds a festive touch to Day of the Dead celebrations, where marigolds hold a special symbolic significance.

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