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Broom Corn

Broom Corn

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Broom Corn Description:

Discover the rustic charm and versatile beauty of Broom Corn (Sorghum bicolor), also known as Great Millet. A cherished crop cultivated for thousands of years, Broom Corn is revered not only as a staple food grain but also for its significant ornamental value in the floral industry. With its tall, striking stalks and tassel-like tops, Broom Corn adds texture and a touch of natural elegance to any floral arrangement.

Perfect for autumnal decorations, Broom Corn is most often used in wreaths, centerpieces, and seasonal displays, bringing a warm, harvest-inspired feel to any setting. Available primarily from October through December, its peak season aligns perfectly with fall festivities and winter preparations, making it a sought-after addition for holiday themes and rustic decor.

Key Features:

  • Offers a unique, tall profile that enhances wreaths, floral arrangements, and centerpieces with a natural, earthy appeal.
  • Harvested in bunches, Broom Corn provides substantial volume and visual interest to any floral design.
  • Ideal for seasonal displays, especially popular during the fall months for its rich, golden tones.
  • Sustainably grown with traditional methods that highlight its heritage and natural beauty.

Broom Corn is not just a plant but a piece of agricultural history that beautifies modern floral arrangements with its timeless appeal. Add Broom Corn to your wholesale offerings to captivate and enchant your customers with its unique charm and seasonal versatility.

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