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Agonis Description:

Enhance your floral designs with the elegant and versatile wholesale Agonis, a unique foliage that brings height, draping volume, and a dynamic color palette to any arrangement. With long, narrow leaves that resemble Willow Eucalyptus yet offer a more wispy appearance, Agonis is perfect for adding both structure and softness to your creations.

Available in a range from lush greens to deep burgundies, Agonis allows florists and designers to introduce a striking contrast or complement existing floral themes seamlessly. Whether crafting bouquets for weddings, corporate events, or luxurious home décor, Agonis adapts beautifully, providing a natural flow and enhancing the overall aesthetic of floral compositions.

Key Features:

  • Offers a unique blend of height and draping volume, ideal for diverse floral designs.
  • Features a wispy appearance, similar to Willow Eucalyptus, but with a broader range of colors from green to burgundy.
  • Perfect for creating dynamic, eye-catching arrangements that demand attention.
  • Sustainably cultivated to ensure quality and environmental stewardship.

Agonis is not just foliage; it's a design enhancer that introduces vibrant colors and elegant forms to any setting, making it a must-have for innovative florists and decorators. Let our wholesale Agonis transform your floral offerings and captivate your clientele with its natural beauty and graceful charm.

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